Explore Ultimate Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

Have you already spent screwy sleepless nights planning out each minute detail of your wedding such as dress, the invitees, photographer etc.? Stuck between this rush, the euphoria of commencing a new life, preparing for your honeymoon may perhaps have slipped through the cracks. Obviously you can’t expect a wedding planner could emerge to plan the best destination and hotels for your honeymoon. How you wish a wedding planner could appear out of thin air to book the best destination and hotels. Nevertheless, this piece of your journey has to be great too. And for that you need to have good trip planners, for example the national holidays, which takes care of each minute detail of your tour. Don’t worry, here are few best romantic honeymoon destinations in India for your ultimate romantic time a way:


For a fun/party style honeymoon, Goa is an ideal place to be at. Gentle shores, magnificent Portuguese architecture, sizzling bottles of feni, electrifying nightlife and some appetizing spice-laden vindaloo, Goa has a lot more in store than ever mentioned. A coastal back away with a glittering sun in the backdrop, Goa has it all to make you fall in love over and over again.

Kerala (Munnar)

Kerala needs no introduction. High mountain peaks and water streams, beautiful houseboats and coffee plantations, spa and spice, Kerala has more than enough to take you on a next level. Take a walk with your better half by the lush green tea plantations, marinate in the fresh air or just sit down in the balcony of your cottages.

Kashmir (Gulmarg)

The reason why Kashmir’s beauty is second to none is its snow-clad mountains, Switzerland-like feel, lines of wild flowers and magnificent Dal Lake. It is an ideal place for honeymooners as they get a chance to make the reel life their real one.

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