Experience Thrilling Water Sports in Bali

Thrilling Water Sports

For adventure lovers, Bali is an exclusive thrilling water sports center for fun seawater activities. Manual and motorize marine activities like Parasailing, Jet Ski, Snorkeling, Glass Bottom Boat, Banana Boat, Fishing, Turtle Island Tour, Fly Fish, Diving etc. all are practiced under safe and eco-friendly environment. If you are looking for a broad spectrum of services for adventure trips, Orange Trips is one of the travel companies you can try.

The manual water sports unfold the secrets of health benefits of visiting beach.


Imagine yourself flying high like a bird. Aaahh! What a feeling it is. Try Parasailing Adventure in Bali, in which you get hooked up with a parachute which is towed by a boat. Parasailing Adventure gives you a complete overhead view of the island. Flying more than 100 meters above the ground level will surely become a memory of lifetime.

Jet Ski Riding

Experience the sea spray sprinkling on your face and fresh sea breeze twirling your hair on warm summer days with Jet Ski Riding on the beaches of Bali. It is a water ride with motorized sea vehicle featuring the fusion of jet Drive Power up to 700 cc.

Banana Boat

This ride includes a banana-shaped boat that accommodates three to ten riders at a time, splashing on the blue sea. All you have to do is rest your feet on the two laterally adjoining tubes for stabilizing the boat and feel the essence of exciting seawater game.

Glass Bottom Boat

With this tour you can explore the marine life like never before. You will actually get to stay under water for over 15 minutes to view the actual aquatic life. The boat is covered with glass top which allows you to look around the fishes closely, yet protected. Adventure sports surely give a thrill to your trip but it is recommended to take Travel Insurance for better traveling.

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