Delicious Food to eat in Mumbai

Food to eat in Mumbai

The account of food in Mumbai is strongly allied to the expansion of this city from fishing town to a megapolis. As groups after groups of migrants from across the country settled with dreams of success in their eyes, they brought their cookery riches with them. As a result the cooking styles and street food reveals our cosmopolitanism and our carbohydrate-fueled work ethicality. Here are few tips to choose hotel wisely while you plan a visit to Mumbai to enjoy delicious food to eat in Mumbai:

Regional Bests

If you seriously wish to try authentic versions of cuisines from different parts of the country you have never been to before, this city does proffer a few restaurants like Hotel Bawa International and more, that simply manage to break out Mumbaification.

The Street Food

The Mumbaian Street food has a specifically unique flavor as compared to that of the street food in other parts of the country. From Paav Bhaji, Ragda Pattis, street-side Dosas, Vada Paav, Pani Puri, Bombay sandwiches, Patti Samosas, to Sev Puri, Dahi Puri and boiled Channa Chaat, different versions of street food is available across the city.

Konkani Coastal Meal

Starting from Mumbai, the Konkan coast stretches on till Goa. Malvani cuisine, the famous Konkani Coastal Meal is prepared using the aromatic garam masala and red chili. Alternatively, Gomantak cuisine is again a prominent coastal cuisine and is largely prepared by utilizing fresh coconut and kokum. In majority of the Mumbai restaurants, you’ll get a blend of Malvani and Gomatak cuisines.

Classic Vegetarian Maharashtrian Meal

The local cuisine of Maharashtra can be best traced in the streets of Dadar. You can find this meal in most of the small restaurants at lunch time which consist of the traditional meals of Varan Bhat (dal rice) with vegetarian sides that typically consist of a Koshimbir (salad), Usal (sprouted pulse) and Pale Bhaji (green leafy vegetable).

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